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Video Production Company Cincinnati Ohio Posted on November 13, 2012

Photography Promo | Video Production Company

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Patrick and Brittany at Shelby Street Photography have been great friends of ours, so we were thrilled to make them another photography promo. Patrick and Brittany are Cincinnati Wedding Photographers. We first made promotional video for them in early 2011. They wanted to revamp their promotional video with a new story that fit their new branding.  Patrick found a great loft space that was undeveloped to give an artistic, organic feel to their interview. We wanted to add interest to their interview, so we used the motion control technique that we use on some of our other video productions. This is the same technique we used when filming for ABC’s Nashville, in a smaller scale.

This was our first time using the new Cube wireless encoder. This device plugs into the HD-SDI output of the camera and decodes the signal into an H.264 files that streams over the local network that the Cube creates. This allows Ipads and iphones to tap into this network and view a live stream straight from the camera. In this particular setup, the cube was very useful because out B camera was situated behind my setup, and it was great to have an ipad sitting next to me so that I could keep an eye on what our second camera was framing. We plan to write a blog and review soon on the advantages of using a Wireless video system.

We choose to shoot during sunset to keep the windows from being blown out. The challenge with this is that the lighting changes so rapidly. By using kino flows as our key lights, we were able to simply dial down the output to continually match the setting sun.  As always, the story is far more important than gear, but the gear allows us to tell the story more effectively with a higher visual impact. Below are some Behind the scenes pictures of our interview setup.



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